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Aug 21, 2022

Biscuits and Gravy.. on Pizza?!?

Update August/2022 - Alabama and Colorado locations are permanently closed.
I'm simply posting this old review for posterity..

Original post date - June, 26 2016

Folcarelli's Biscuit and Gravy Pizza

A new pizza restaurant called Folcarelli's has opened up in Greeley Colorado.  And while I haven't had a chance to dine there yet, I did stop in after work last Friday to get a couple of pizzas to go.

Perusing their menu online the day before, something caught my eye.. a Biscuit and Gravy Pizza!  Pizza is already my favorite comfort food. Biscuits & Gravy are my go-to breakfast comfort food, so it was a no brainer for me to order one up on my inaugural visit to Folcarelli's! Here's what I found..

Folcarelli's Biscuit and Gravy Pizza

Pizza Geezer rating..

5 out of 5 Slices!

Upon first look, I was very impressed with the appearance of my pie. I must admit that it appeared a bit different than I imagined, but I was very excited to dig in. I don't know why I expected it not to have any cheese, but I'm glad it did. 

The pizza had a sausage gravy base, mozzarella cheese, pork sausage, bacon and cheddar cheese. I wasn't aware at the time, but you can also choose to get either smoked or Italian sausage instead of the pork sausage.

The sausage gravy base was wonderful and paired nicely with the sausage and bacon. The layer of cheese above mellowed everything out, and made for an incredibly rich and creamy experience. While there's a chance for the flavor combo to get a bit too full flavored, it did not because of the great pizza crust.

As you can see, while the crust looks heavy and bready from the outside, the inner workings of the crust reveal a beautiful alveolation, which makes for a nice light crust with just the right amount of pull. 

A pizza like this also risks getting doughy or soggy, and I'm happy to say it was neither. The bottom crust was crispy, and there was no gummy layer of crust due to the sausage gravy layer.  

All in all this was a great pie, and I will definitely be feasting on another very soon. The price was fair at $15.99 for a medium, and is available in all sizes up to an XL which will run you $22.99.

The only reason I didn't give the pizza 5 out of 5 slices, is because of a preconceived notion on my part. I've eaten Chicago styles of pizza with an end crust interior consistency, very similar to that of a fluffy biscuit. 

I've also had crusts that lacked the fluffy consistency, but tasted just like a biscuit with a nice buttery flavor. I guess I was hoping for a crust with some or all of those attributes, but I must state that this is still a wonderful, unique and tasty pie!

Side note: With two locations in Montgomery Alabama, the Greeley Colorado store was the third in the company's growing chain. One can't help but think their Southern roots were the inspiration for the Biscuit and Gravy Pizza, and I for one was incredibly happy when they opened a store in Northern Colorado. 

Sadly, the Colorado location closed, and a Google search reflects that the Alabama stores are permanently closed as well. 

I personally have yet to find another pizzeria daring enough to sell a Biscuit & Gravy Pizza. It's a shame too, as it was a pizza I really loved. Therefore, I feel it my duty to try and recreate it in some form at home. Stay tuned..