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Nov 14, 2022

Pizza memorabilia - Shakey's plastic mug

This is MY Shakey's Mug

Here's another piece from my collection that I truly adore. It's an old Shakey's mug that I'm thinking is from the 1970s.


The Shakey's from yesteryear, is one of my all time favorite pizza franchises, and I have sung their praises and reminisced about them before. 

If you aren't familiar with the Shakey's of old, you can get caught up to speed by reading the blog post below:

This mug sports the old school Shakey's Pizza Parlor logo that features the tag line 'World's Greatest Pizza". I believe the earliest logos read "Shakey's Pizza Parlor & Ye Olde Public House". I remember some signs in the 80s simply reading "Shakey's Pizza Restaurant".

Mug from Vernon Conneticut

While there were once over 300 Shakey's restaurants spread out across the U.S., there are now less than 50 stores, and all are located in California.

I love the old Shakey's Chef mascot 

I truly do appreciate creative advertising icons like the Shakey's Chef. He used to grace the roofs of many a Shakey's restaurant, and his likeness was emblazoned upon countless promotional items during the years. It just seems like companies used to try harder in regards to their company mascots.

This mug was made in the USA by Whirley Industries, which is still in business to this day in Warren Pennsylvania!

I really love this mug. Looking upon and holding items like this, is like a form of time travel. They're items frozen in time, with the power to bring back all kinds of vivid and wonderful memories. 

When it comes to pizza, I've got tons of memories that will last a lifetime. I'll make sure to share more of them as I showcase more of my collection.