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Aug 26, 2022

Gas Station Pizza Review - RaceTrac Kissimmee

RaceTrac Convenience Store

8890 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747

This is my second foray into dining on convenience store pizzas so you don't have to. Unless you want to. This is something I will continue to do on occasion, filing my reviews under 'The Convenience Store Pizza Chronicles' section. 

This week's review is on RaceTrac Pizza. You may remember my first review I performed at RaceTrac's competitor Speedway, with results being less than stellar. Since these two convenience stores are fierce competitors, I will be drawing comparisons on their pizzas in this review.

Must've been quite the lunch rush

Upon walking up to the hot food area, I noticed this location had a self serve, buffet style, pizza warming station. The slices were also cheaper than Speedway's at $2.49 a slice, with one additional slice costing only $1.00. The slices were definitely larger than Speedway's but with a thinner crust. 

Right away I noticed the holes on the top part of the pizza crust. I often see holes under the crust, but not up top. They are meant to help draw moisture out of the crust during baking. I'm thinking the additional holes have something to do with the style of ovens they are cooked in. 

The undercarriage definitely looked a lot more impressive than the speedway slices I tried last week. It had a wee bit of char to it, but I'm pretty sure that's from a par bake performed on the crust at the pizza processing plant. 

I've got to say, the underside looked a lot more appealing than Speedway's. The first bite gave way to a more airy and less dense crust than Speedway's pizza, but still ended up giving my jaw a decent workout due to an overall toughness. The taste was reminiscent of frozen pizza crust and not too complex.

The sauce was definitely not the star of this pizza, and I could hardly even tell it was there. Nevertheless, when it hit, I found it to be a little tangy and generic tasting. The ratio of sauce laid out on the slice however was pretty good.

The cheese came in pretty hard with its saltiness. It definitely added some more flavor to the pizza, but I couldn't even tell that it was mozzarella. It did taste like cheese, but was very ambiguous in regards to having a distinct flavor. 

The pepperoni added some nice flavor and spice to the pizza which was great, due to the other areas of flavor that were lacking.

Pizza Geezer rating..

2 out of 5 Slices

Doing a side-by-side comparison of Speedway versus RaceTrac pizza, I've got to say that RaceTrac slightly edges out Speedway by a nose. That being said, if I would have been able to try both varieties freshly baked, I'm absolutely sure they would have tasted much better. 

I take these pizzas for what they are, and that is.. 'Convenience Store Pizza' plain and simple. So if you're on the go, and hunger pains or pizza cravings hit, I'd say you couldn't go wrong with a freshly baked racetrack Pizza. At $3.50 for two slices, that's penny pinching, recession friendly, fuel for your body!