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Gas Station Pizza Reviews


I eat gas station pizza..
so you don't have to

Its happened to every pizza lover. You're driving down the road and the ravenous craving for pizza suddenly strikes, However, you don't have the time, money or appetite to order up an entire pizza somewhere. Enter 'Gas Station Pizza'!

Not widely renowned for its tastiness and goodness, gas station pizza does have its place in the world of pizza, just as frozen pizza does. Sometimes you just need some affordable fuel to get you through the day, and fried fast food, burgers, and bland sandwich shops are just not your thing. 

In this day and age, many of us are pinching pennies while being hard pressed for time. Gas station pizza is a recession friendly and efficient way to satisfy a snack attack of the pizza kind. Therefore, I have decided to start an ongoing series of convenience store pizza reviews. 

This project is half public service based. The other half? A way to satisfy my own morbid curiosity on the subject. 

How I review convenience store pizza
I will share my findings in short detailed reviews paired with photos and prices, while grading on my standard slice rating of one through five. I cover the crust, sauce, cheese and toppings if any. I must state however, this is a sliding scale adapted to gas station quality pizzas. 

A review of 4 stars on a convenience store slice, does not equate to a 4 star slice from a legitimate pizzeria.

So there you have it. If you decide to give any gas station pizzas a try after reading my reviews, that's all on you my friends! It should be interesting and hopefully fun, so keep an eye out for new reviews.