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Oct 28, 2022

Review: Chile-Honey Soppressata Pizza - 'ZAZA' Little Rock, AR

I'm never one to dine with a closed mind, especially when it comes to pizza. Therefore, when given the opportunity to dine on a pizza sporting spicy honey recently, I jumped at the chance.

ZAZA Wood Fired Pizza
5600 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR

This was my first ever spicy honey drizzled pizza. I've seen friends on social media ranting and raving about it for months now, so I figured it was due time for me to try it out. 

I was in Little Rock recently, and was blessed to be staying near 'Zaza' Pizza, a favorite of relatives  that live in the area.

Located in the Heights neighborhood in Little Rock Arkansas, Zaza is a laid back pizzeria known for their incredible hand crafted salads, gelato, and wood oven pizza. All of which I can attest to being amazing.

I sat up in the loft and had a birds eye view of my pizza being hand tossed, carefully crafted, and then tended to in zaza's beautiful wood fired pizza oven.

Soppressata Salami, Peppadew Peppers, Fresh JalapeƱo, Chile-Infused Hot Honey, Garlic, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Arugula, Tomato Sauce

While I could write an entire article on the ambience and feel of this establishment, lets get to the reason why you're here.. to hear about the pizza!

The crust
This pizza sports an incredible hand tossed Neapolitan style crust, cooked in a 750 degree oak wood fired oven. 

It tasted wonderful and had a nice little char to it, being a bit crispy, but not overly so. It's one of my favorite styles of crust when cooked right. 

The sauce
Great fresh tasting tomato sauce that was full of flavor and balanced perfectly.

Okay, there's a lot to swallow here, (no pun intended) so here goes..

My first bite gave way to the flavor of tomato sauce, immediately followed by a mild sweetness from the chile infused honey. I got a nice pop of flavor from the garlic, smoothed out by mozzarella, and then a bolder taste from some nice shards of parmesan.

Then came the burn. The chile infused hot honey warmed my palate as I worked my way through the slice. The fresh jalapenos brought a nice peppery flavor and even more heat.

I noticed some red peppers on the slice. These were the Peppadew peppers, and looked a bit like stewed tomatoes. 

As I bit into them I expected more heat, but they were super sweet. Sweeter even than the sweetest cherry tomato I've ever eaten. It brought another dimension of sweetness and flavor that I absolutely loved.

By this time my mouth was pretty warm, but I can take an immense amount of heat when it comes to spicy food, and welcomed it wholeheartedly. 

At first, I wasn't so sure about the amount of arugula atop this pizza, but in the end, it helped to squelch the heat a wee bit before moving on to the next spicy slice.

Pizza Geezer rating..

5 out of 5 Slices!

This pizza was incredible, and the most unique pie I've eaten in awhile. I was really impressed how the flavors all perfectly worked with one another. 

Any disproportioned ingredient could have thrown the whole flavor profile off, but it was crafted perfectly. 

Fresh made Gelato selection
the Limoncello was divine  

I'm so happy I got a chance to try Zaza while visiting Little Rock. My daughter and son-in-law are huge fans and dine there weekly. 

I will be getting back to the area about once or twice a year, and will excitedly be blocking out time to visit this incredible Pizzeria during my future visits.

Visit Zaza Pizza Online