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Dec 12, 2022

'I Love NY Pizza' lunch special. Clermont, FL

I Love NY Pizza Restaurant Bar and Grill
532 Cagan Park Ave
Clermont, FL

Pre pandemic, 'I Love NY Pizza' restaurant in Clermont Florida had a heck of lunch special. Two cheese slices and a fountain drink for $4.99. Having not visited in two years, I decided it was about time to check in on them again. My how time flies.

I was ecstatic to see the old lunch special still exists and only costs one dollar more than it used to. It truly was a nice surprise, especially in our current financial climate

On this day, I opted for their $6.99 lunch special which lets you add as many toppings as you like to the slices. The fountain drink is still also included.

I ordered up one mushroom & olive and one meatball & pepperoni slice.

Initial thoughts
I realize that most 'pizza by the slice' is premade throughout the day and then thrown into the oven to crisp it up and melt the cheese, with toppings added after the fact. So seeing the little sprinkle of cheese atop the slice didn't bother me too much. They needed a little more cheese to hold all of the toppings in place after all. To get a more fluid melt, would take a longer reheat time which would overcook the crust, so you need to meet somewhere in the middle.

If the cheese sprinkle is still throwing you for a bit of a loop, don't worry. I visited the restaurant again three days later and ordered up the regular $5.99 special that offers two cheese slices, so I could share a picture of what those look like. Behold..

Thin, Crispy & Delicious

I attacked the meatball and pep slice first and was immediately in heaven. I forgot how good this crust was. Nice and complex from a decent dough rise, and super crispy. A great tomato base, and quality cheese is used. The pepperoni was good as well, but the meatballs were to die for. 

Their house-made meatballs were savory and tender. I've eaten them before with their spaghetti and have always been a big fan.

Another shot of that beautiful end crust

So all in all, one heck of a delicious deal indeed! Two delicious slices and a bottomless fountain drink for $5.99. Add some garlic knots, cheese bread or onion rings, and you're still not going to break the bank.

I highly recommend 'I Love NY Pizza' restaurant, and encourage you to give them a try if you're ever in the neighborhood. Recession busting deliciousness in a nice restaurant setting. What more can you ask for?