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May 30, 2016

Review - 'A Nutty Idea' Pizza, from The Original Roma Pizza in Greeley Colorado

I've dined at all three of the Roma Pizza restaurants in Greeley Colorado for years, but their original location on 8th avenue in Greeley has got to be my favorite. 

I'll get into the reasons why shortly, but first, take a gander at this Roma pizza I dined on last week that I've been meaning to try for years.

A Nutty Idea Pizza from Roma Pizza in Greeley Colorado
'A Nutty Idea'
Pepperoni, tomatoes, cream cheese, mozzarella, and cashews

Pizza Geezer rating..

5 out of 5 Slices!

A Nutty Idea Pizza from Roma Pizza in Greeley Colorado

There it is in all of its glory..  
'A Nutty Idea'

I can honestly say I have never eaten a pizza with any kind of nut on it, and the cashews were the main reason I never gave this pizza a try for several years now. 

However, after a lifetime of playing it on the safe side, I decided on this particular day, to start stepping out of my comfort zone a bit.

Upon my first bite, the cashews instantly filled my mouth with an incredible flavor I never knew they were capable of delivering. Obviously the result of being cooked, the oils and essence of the cashew effortlessly engulfed my palate. 

I couldn't focus on anything else until the mozzarella and cream cheese kicked in, delivering a richness and creaminess that made me want to close my eyes and savor every bite. 

This flavor combo was succulent to say the least, but just when you think it might be too much, the tangy pizza sauce and tomatoes bring everything into balance, while the pepperoni adds a bit of spiciness that rounds everything out perfectly.

Roma Pizza Greeley CO

The freshly made crust is the vessel that delivers this masterpiece from pan to mouth, and works perfectly to do so. The thin crust is crispy, firm, and does not fight with the ingredients at all. 

The hand twisted edge crust is also aesthetically pleasing, and is a Roma trademark so to speak, even being featured as part of The Roma logo on their pizza boxes, the website, and promotional material.

The Original Roma Pizza Greeley CO

So the pizza without a doubt was divine, but the dining experience at 'The Original Roma' was immensely enjoyable as well. 

Even before entering the establishment, you see intriguing murals painted on the sides of the building, strings of light bulbs stretched above the patio, and an old neon sign that has obviously withstood the test of time. 

You wonder if the eclectic vibe is going to carry on inside, and much to my liking, it indeed did.

Once inside, anyone that has even a remote interest in music will love the d├ęcor. Music posters and pictures stretch from floor to ceiling, and the tables sport all manner of memorabilia like concert tickets, flyers, etc. 

Smooth sounds are always piped into the restaurant, and make for a relaxing atmosphere which incline me to personally slow down, unwind, and truly enjoy my meal.

The Original Roma Pizza in Greeley Colorado

The Original Roma Pizza in Greeley Colorado

The Original Roma Pizza in Greeley Colorado

The Original Roma Pizza in Greeley Colorado Dining Room

Dining at 'The Original Roma'..
can be a very zen like experience

Pizza and a few beers with good friends or family, would most likely insure that I would be blissfully spending a good couple of hours, basking in the laid back and mellow vibes this place lays down for its patrons.

While I enjoy eating at all of the Roma restaurants, 'The Original Roma' provides an experience and vibe that none of Roma's sister restaurants, or any other local pizzeria in the vicinity for that matter can provide. 

I highly recommend it, if for no other reason than their great pizza. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

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