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Jun 6, 2016

Blackjack Pizza.. a Colorado staple since 1983

As summer slowly gets into full swing, I find my weekends getting ever more busy.  This last Sunday was no exception, which made it impossible for me to craft some homemade pies.  

Enter Blackjack Pizza, the Colorado based pizza chain that's loved by the masses.  Here is the fare I ordered up for delivery last night..

XL New York thin 
pepperoni and cream cheese pie

XL hand tossed 
pepperoni and sausage

I'm not going to do a full blown review of these pies this time around.  I'll save that sort of a post for one of their incredible specialty pies.  However, I will take a moment to hip you to these great pizzas we enjoyed.

The NY thin and especially hand tossed crusts, both have a nice pull to them.  The crust is stretched from fresh made never frozen dough, and is truly a pleasure to chew on, with a wonderful flavor and consistency.  The sauce is quite flavorful, and while it's clearly present, it isn't overpowering.

The all natural  toppings are incredibly good as well.  The sausage fills your mouth with flavor, and the same can be said for their pepperoni. The 100% mozzarella is always good, and the cream cheese was rich and delectable.

 Bacon Cheese Bread

By far, this is the best cheese bread I've found on the Northern Front Range of Colorado. Blackjack uses freshly made hand tossed dough coated with garlic butter and spices, topped with fresh shredded Mozzarella Cheese. It also comes with a generous side of Marinara.  

I opted to get bacon added to our order of cheese bread, which kicks this delicacy up into the stratosphere.  You can also get , ,

I've been eating Blackjack pizza for years, and even worked for them when I was younger.  I actually learned how to hand toss pizza dough while working at their store in Loveland Colorado. 

Blackjack is my family's favorite pizza to order in, so rest assured that this surely will not be the last time I sing their praises in the months and years to come.