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Aug 19, 2022

Lazy Moon Pizza - Orlando Florida

If you live near the Orlando area, you may have heard local pizza enthusiasts rant and rave about Lazy Moon Pizza. I'm happy to say I finally got a chance to visit, and was not disappointed.

 Located in the Mills/50 district, right off of Colonial Drive.  
If you blink.. you'll miss it.

First time I've seen a Bocce Ball Court in a Pizzeria.  
Well.. in any restaurant for that matter.

 Cool art throughout the establishment

No this cat isn't doing his laundry.
He's stretching pizza dough that they use to cut their huge slices from!

 Behold.. The 'Boxcar Willie' special
Slice of Pizza bigger than your face & a pint of PBR

 So far, these are the biggest slices of pizza I've seen in the Orlando area

They taste great as well! Not a New York style slice per say.. but rather, king sized hand tossed pizzas with a bolder, zestier sauce.

 If domestic beer isn't your thing.. they also have a great craft beer selection.

I immensely enjoyed my lunch at Lazy Moon. The place was chill, and the staff also embodied that attitude. It's quite a drive from where I live which really bums me out, because if I lived closer, it would definitely be a regular haunt for me. 

I guess I'll just have to find more reasons to make the trek out to the Mills/50 District more often. I also want to do a deeper dive into some of their specialty pizzas, so another review will eventually be forthcoming.