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Sep 19, 2022

Gas Station Pizza Review - 7-Eleven in Kissimmee

7-Eleven Convenience Store
2495 Westside Blvd Kissimmee, FL 34747

So I don't know why, but I was kind of dreading trying this 7-Eleven pizza. I mean come on, it's 7-Eleven after all. I've been familiar with the brand my entire life, and they didn't exactly scream good pizza to me.

I will say this however, I haven't visited a 7-Eleven for many years now, and was taken aback by their hot food offerings. They have seriously stepped up their game in recent years.

They are now offering all kinds of things like mini tacos, sandwiches, various fried delicacies and yes, a respectable looking convenience store pizza.

As funny as it sounds, I was impressed by this pizza to-go box. There's actually a little razzle dazzle to its design! 

Just check out that colorful number seven emblazoned across the front, along with a cutout window letting you peek in at the slice. The tagline that reads 'it's a slice of heaven' was a nice touch as well.

The slice was $1.89, with two slices costing just $2.79! This is the lowest priced convenience store pizza I've come across thus far. 
I bought the slice right before lunch rush started, just as they were placing it into the warmer. 

My slice was piping hot, and the cheese was still stretchy and pliable. I was so happy to see that the cheese wasn't stuck to the inside of the box when I opened it. 

The Crust
Not much of a char or crispiness to it at all. It was very soft, but thankfully not doughy. I actually welcomed a softer crust, after some of the jaw breaking convenience store slices I had eaten lately. 

While it lacked some complexity and flavor, it's still the best tasting crust I've yet to experience so far during my foray into the 'Convenience Store Pizza Chronicles'.
The Sauce
Surprisingly it wasn't half bad! It was a bit tangy and actually tasted like tomatoes. It was very much comparable to your run-of-the mill sauce that you often find in a pizza buffet, or budget frozen pizza. 

It's a safe middle of the road sauce, that would appeal to the masses and especially kids. A tiny bit of pop, but with no real peppery depth that many people just aren't a fan of. 

The Cheese & Pepperoni
A decent, but not super high quality mozzarella from what I could tell. The pepperoni tasted good and was a bit crispy on the outer edges, which added some nice smokiness, texture, and crunch.

Pizza Geezer rating..
(as far as convenience store pizza goes)

3 out of 5 Slices

7-Eleven Pizza now holds the highest ranking I've given to a convenience store pizza! If the crust had a little more flavor, it definitely would have received a slightly higher rating. However, all in all.. this pizza really impressed me as far as convenience store pizza goes. 

If presented with the chance, I would definitely grab a slice or two if the pizza bug suddenly strikes. The price is right, and it's a pretty good tasting slice. It has definitely bolstered my desire to search out more decent varieties of convenience store pizza to share with you.