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Sep 28, 2022

Gas Station Breakfast Pizza Review - Race Trac in Kissimmee

 RaceTrac Convenience Store
8890 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747

Whilst popping into the neighborhood Race Trac this week, I noticed they had just put out some breakfast pizza fresh out of the oven and decided to give it a try.

I really dig the occasional slice of breakfast pizza. You can make such wonderful variations of this type of pizza at home, but I purposely don't make it very often. 

If I were to make a breakfast pizza with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, veggies and delicious cheeses, I would most likely eat the whole pie myself! 

Decent spread of toppings
(could use a bit more bacon though)

Not a bad looking crust
as far as Gas Station pizza crust goes

Some signs of alveolation in the end crust

The Crust
This is one of the best convenience store crusts I've had since embarking upon these reviews. It was thicker than I liked in regards to breakfast pizza, but it had a fair amount of taste to it rather than being totally lifeless. 

It was crispy, not too tough, and even had a wee bit of flavor. An acceptable vessel to transport salty breakfast goodness straight to your taste buds.

The Sauce 
Upon my first bite, there was an incredible pop of creamy cheesy goodness. It really did fill your mouth with flavor, and was almost overwhelming until the crust and eggs toned it down. The base they used was some type of cheese sauce, which added a ton of flavor to the slice.

The Cheese
I could see the mozzarella layer, but knew that wasn't where the cheesy flavor stemmed from. I could kind of taste the mozzarella, but the cheese sauce totally overpowered it. I'm glad that layer of cheese was there however, as it held everything together in a nice tight package.

The toppings
scrambled eggs and cheese were what topped this slice. The pizza could have used more of both toppings, but I realize Race Trac isn't going to make a breakfast pizza the same way I would. 

The bacon had plenty of flavor, and while the eggs were present, they didn't command a lot of attention. A few dashes of pepper or seasoned salt would have done wonders for those poor bland eggs.

Pizza Geezer rating..

3 out of 5 Slices

This is a comfort food slice through and through. Sure the crust could be better, as well as the cheese and topping portions, but this slice has the amazing ability to wake up your mouth. 

All in all, a much better experience than my 1st time trying Race Trac Pizza. 

The cheese sauce had a big part in the whole dynamic, and I'm all for it. People often laugh about 'Fake Cheese' but by gosh, sometimes it can make food items shine. Nachos, Tater Tots, Pretzels, and yes.. even Breakfast Pizza.